Our 2014 Don and Sons Sonoma Signature Series Pinot Noir invites you in with aromas of espresso, nutmeg and a touch of toast. Medium-bodied and silky in texture, the avor-prole is vibrant and irresistible. Ripe black cherry, graham cracker crust and cherry parfait with undertones of vanilla fill your palate. Hints of caraway seed add to the earthy undertones of this Pinot Noir. This wine showcases smooth, rich and complex Sonoma Coast terroir, the finish lingers while the flavors explode. Enjoy a glass with mild and creamy cheeses, summer or fall berries, or wild mushroom bruschetta. Another wonderful pairing is fennel-garlic roast pork or duck breast with a pomegranate glaze.


This wine is crafted from grapes sourced from the Sonoma Coast and two of its sub-appellations, the Petaluma Gap and Russian River Valley. The wind and fog are the regions’ trademarks and fruit from this cooler region adds depth and complexity to the finished wine. The result of this cooler climate fruit sourcing is a finely balanced crowd-pleasing Pinot Noir that seamlessly marries food-friendly acidity with a smoothly seductive tannin structure. The majority of the grapes used in creating our 2014 Don & Sons Sonoma Signature Series Pinot Noir are clone 115, known for its plum fruit flavors, sourced from a notable family vineyard on the Sonoma Coast, along Lakeville Highway. The balance of the blend is made with clone 116 and 22 grapes which have a more sour cherry flavor-profile.

The Russian River Valley climate is sculpted by the regular intrusion of cooling fog from the Pacific Ocean a few miles to the west. The fog flows through the Petaluma Wind Gap and the channel cut by the Russian River. The fog usually arrives in the evening, often dropping the temperature 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit from its daytime high and retreats to the ocean the following morning. This natural air conditioning results in extended hang-time for the grapes that translate to intense, lush avors in the wines.


Despite yet another year of drought conditions, winegrowers and winemakers were excited by the quality of fruit coming to the vine in 2014. From the dry winter, water restrictions, and unexpected rains during budding, the growing season was challenging. A mild spring caused flowering in early May, setting the season up to be an early one. Fortunately, grapes developed with great flavors, sugars and acid levels. Typical moderate climate with cool breezes and perfectly timed fog patterns in August allowed Sonoma County fruit to mature evenly. Grapes ripened at an optimal pace, reaching an ideal avor prole for picking.


In 1895 Samuele Sebastiani emigrated from Italy to Sonoma and built a thriving wine business that is now in its fourth generation. For our namesake wine, we wanted to create something truly memorable and personal. For over 115 years, our family name has been synonymous with quality winemaking here in Sonoma. It’s where our family is rooted. Sonoma is where we live, where we work, and the only place we will ever call home.

We couldn’t be more proud to carry on the family tradition with a wine that evokes the very essence and spirit of this unique and wonderful place. What’s more, we couldn’t be more excited to lend our very own name, Don & Sons, to this elegant offering from this exceptional region.

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Don and Sons Pinot Noir Wine
100% Pinot Noir
Sonoma Coast
Greg Kitchens
5.6 g/L